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We have been doing business with AccuTel-Edens Telecom for quite some time now. I feel a testimonial and “hearty thank you” is well overdue. We have been installing your ESI phone systems since 2003, either as new installations at new branches, or replacement systems for a number of Teleco (Toshiba) phone systems. We have found the ESI product line easy to work with, very user friendly, and a great value with regards to price and performance. We also recently replaced our main corporate phone system (a Teleco/Toshiba 1424 PV 12X40) with an ESI 600.

Everyone is extremely pleased with the new ESI phones and system, especially with the ease of operation and voicemail capabilities.  Technically, we are happy with the voicemail being integrated with the phone system itself, and not requiring yet another piece of equipment to be maintained.

Service from your AccuTel-Edens Telecom staff is second to none. They are a highly trained, enthusiastic, and customer-centric group of technicians with a customer-focused leader in Dan Edens.

We have had many of the ESI phone systems installed and we are extremely pleased with the overall relationship we share with not only the product, but with the vendor as well.   

I highly recommend Dan Edens and his staff for any and all telecommunications needs.


Port City Community Church


We are very pleased with the continued service and support that we receive from Accutel-Edens Telecom.  Since 2003, Accutel has done a great job fitting us with the phone systems and telephones we need to serve our growing organization. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly and provides excellent service.  If you are looking for a new phone system, I would recommend giving Accutel a try.

Adam Hicks

Director of Operations

Port City Community Church

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