Comdialís FXII platform has been produced in many forms since the late 80ís and AccuTel has been there installing these sophisticated systems since then.  The FXII is one of the most customizable systems on the market.  And one of the most powerful when you add in the award winning Interchange Voice Mail system.

From 10 to 4000 employees Comdialís FXII has a configuration that is right for your business. And phones designed to put forth the look your business works so hard to keep. 

Have multiple sites? No problem the FXII has just what you need.  Weither itís a point to point network or a VoIP network the FXII has the right tools to make your business communicate over multiple buildings with seamless connections using both our impact networking or our VoIP networking.

MP 5000

The MP5000 supports the latest standards-based SIP/VoIP telephony, and is the ideal telecommuting solution to support mobile workers and stay-at-home personnel who opt to work part time or to combat fast-rising travel costs. Calling features and functions are available in networked branches and remote locations. Whether in the office or not, users can access calls and messages from multiple devices, including SIP phones via conventional VPN connectivity, IP phones, digital phones, mobile phones, fax, e-mail devices and more. And because the MP5000 runs on a network, it can provide helpful presence management via SIP endpoints visually showing the hook status of all endpoints. The Edge 200 SIP softphone also supports video calling, private enterprise instant messaging and much more


Also check out these Valuable tools that integrate directly into both the FXII and the MP5000:

Corporate Office Blade (COB):

The Corporate Office Blade is a powerful in-skin voicemail solution for the FXII. This card is an effective way to manage your customer inquiries which is critical for you businessís success.  Some of the features of this system are Auto Attendant, Automatic Call Distribution and Virtual Mailboxes. Message notification is also a useful tool for your out of office staff. 

Interchange Communications Suite (ICS):

Increase your company productivity with this consolidated all in one voice processing solution.  Some of the scalable features of the ICS are Unified Messaging, Call Center reports and routing, Interactive Voice Response, and Mobility services.

Quick Q:

Quick Q is a truly amazing call center system that links directly with the FXII.  Comdial has spent many years developing this simple yet powerful call center solution.


Comdial is always seeking new ways to improve your business.  The Concierge system is an exceptional manager for your Hotel.  Yes at Accutel we provide a system specifically designed to help you handle your hotel customers. This simple to use graphics based system links directly to your Comdial phone system and voicemail to keep your staff from fumbling with different systems for managing your guests voicemail and wake up calls.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI):

From our Impact Attendant to the Impact Group software solution we can setup the perfect PC based phone managing system to make your employees function like the well oiled machine you set them up to be.  These easy to use systems provide you a flexible and functional program that connects your staff while they communicate with the outside world.  Also check out our Corporate Call system that allows your staff to link their Microsoft Outlook address book to their phone. No more dialing while you try to read that number on your screen.  Let Corporate Call do it for you.  Simply click the number then the dial button and the system will then instantly pick up your phone and dial the number for you.  Ask us how.


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